Mike Tyson’s Net Worth, How Much Is Mike Tyson Worth

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Boxing is another interesting sport other than cricket, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and any other. Now, when it comes to this punching sport, a very world-famed name strikes in our mind. He is the winner of multiple boxing championships throughout his career.

This person is a retired boxing legend, who is known for his hard-hitting punches. Yes, I am referring to hard-hitter boxer Mike Tyson. Let us explore more about this heavyweight boxing champ’s life, career, total earnings, controversies, etc.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Michael Gerard Tyson
Ring Name: Mike Tyson
Gender: Male
Birthday: 30th June 1966
Place Of Origin: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Age: 54 years old
Height: 5 ft. 10 inches
Weight: 109 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Married
Partner: Lakiha Spicer
Profession: Former professional boxer
Total Net Worth: $15 Million

How much Mike Tyson's Net Worth

Early Life

Popularly known as the hardest hitter in boxing history by a popular sports channel, Tyson, was born in 1966, the United States. His parents raised him along with his siblings. Unfortunately, his sister is no longer with him, as she passed away during the 90s. Tyson also has a brother who is older than him.

During his childhood, Tyson lived in a tough neighborhood. It is said his stepfather was involved in the wrong company. When Tyson was a child, his mother relocated to some other place after facing adverse financial conditions. When Tyson grew in his teens, he got involved in fights with those who were bigger than him.

The reason he got infuriated and picked fights with them was that they used to make fun of his way of lisp speaking. But little he had this idea that his anger and picking fights would soon become his lifelong fortune in becoming a heavyweight boxing champ who will always remain an icon for the coming generations.

It all came true when he was spotted by the instructor of juvenile, and also an ex-boxing champion. Tyson got the training from one of the trainers, who later became his guardian after the death of his mother.

Personal Life

Tyson is married to his longtime lady love, Lakiha, and is the father of two kids. But before her, he had previous relationships with other women including a television celebrity, and a model-actress, Naomi Campbell. The list of his multiple affairs is long.


Beginning from his early boxing career Tyson had been a gold medalist. Tyson also had bouts against his opponent boxer, Henry in the Summer Olympics, but lost two times in bout matches.

But he became the winner when he defeated Henry during the technical knockout in the first round. This became much more common for Tyson. He then continued boxing with other challengers that seemed tougher.

Many estimated that he would soon pick up boxing legend fame. But there came a shock in Tyson’s life. The trainer who taught him boxing, and was like a father figure to him, died. Many believe that his death would badly affect Tyson’s rising fame in the boxing sport, as he would seriously feel the loss of his master.

Quantum Leap

As it says life has to go on, Tyson emerged as a gallant boxer in a boxing ring on national television and picked against his opponent, Jesse. During the fight, Tyson made a very hard-hitting blow on him, severely injuring his nose. The result became much clear, when the result came in favor of Tyson, declaring him the winner.

Then came another boxing event, and this time Tyson faced off with an experienced world boxing challenger, Marvis. But his experience got down when he tasted defeat from the blowing punches of Tyson.

The boxing legend knocked him down within a few seconds. Tyson then kept on defeating more opponents in the boxing ring matches and soon became the boxing champion (heavyweight) holding three prime belts under his winning kitty.

Tyson faced more challenges in the boxing ring and made another experienced boxing champ tasting the defeat in the 4th round. The same happened with another boxer, Tubbs, who was defeated by Tyson during the 2nd round with a technical knockout.

Giving these boxers the taste of defeat, the boxing legend, also claimed his winning authority over Michael Spinks. Although, many experts were not sure about Tyson’s unexpected victory. They thought he would find it tough in facing the technical fighting skills of the latter boxer. But it all came down when Tyson won the match.


Time never remains the same forever. The same happened with the boxing legend, Mike Tyson. After earning world fame as the first heavyweight boxing champion, the career of the boxing legend started losing its pace, with the emerging problems in his personal life. Tyson removed Kevin, who was behind molding Tyson in becoming a successful boxer, after the death of his guardian-trainer, D’Amatto.

Even though he kept on winning the boxing fights, a sudden defeat at the hands of his opponent Buster, during the 90s put an end to his uprising victories. Some days before his fight with Tyson, Buster lost his mother to a stroke. Still, he managed to fight with full energy and commitment, and at last defeated the heavyweight champ, Tyson. This came as a shock in the history of boxing sports.

He faced another big defeat from the boxer, Evander Holyfield, two times. Who can forget that fighting sequence, when Tyson would have almost ripped apart the right ear of the latter boxer. Again the result came against him, and he lost to Holyfield again and was even disqualified, with his license being rejected.

Comeback Victories & Retirement

At last, he returned with victories in winning against Francois, Clifford, and Savarese. Later on, he retired from boxing in 2005.


The controversies surrounding him played a spoilsport in his career. The biggest came when he was accused of raping a woman. He had spent most of his time behind the bars. He even changed his religion and accepted Islam. Tyson was also held for assaulting motorists.

Net Worth Of Mike Tyson

According to 2021, $15 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of boxing legend, Mike Tyson. He had earned his fortune from multiple sources, including his cannabis business.

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