Migos’ Net Worth, How Much Is Migos Worth

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Just like any business, where it involves one or more persons, similarly, in music, one can also notice a musical group or a band is run by members. One such American musical hip-hop group is Migos. It came into the limelight long back around twelve years ago. The group includes three trio singers. 

No, they are not blood siblings but are closely associated with each other. Among the trio, one is a cousin, and the other is a nephew to a fellow member. There have been many released songs that mark their debut success. 

Together they have formed a popular musical band, which they named Migos. The maximum songs sung by them had topped the billboard musical charts in the United States. The trio earned good fame in amassing a big fan following. 

They are also recipients of prestigious awards for their contribution to music. Now, it becomes intriguing for me to let you know about their life, career, total earnings, etc. So be glued to this article till the end. 

Personal Details 

Full Name: Quavious Keyate Marshall, Kirshnik Khari Ball, Kiari Kendrell Cephus
Stage Name: Migos
Gender: Male
Years active: 2008 – present
Place Of Origin: Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States
Instruments: Vocals
Labels: YRN
Website: migosonline.com
Nationality: American
Members:   Quavo, Offset, & Takeoff
Status: Not known
Partner: Not known
Profession: Rappers, singers & songwriters
Total Net Worth: $100 Million

How much Migos' Net Worth

Early Life

The foundation of Migos was laid by three members of this group, Takeoffs, Quavo, and Offset. They don’t share a real blood sibling relationship but are closely connected. Where Takeoff is the nephew of Quavo, Quavo is the cousin of Offset. 

Migos is a group of rappers and belongs to Georgia, United States. Before being known by their latest name, the trio previously was called Polo Club. Since they are connected in either of the relations, this becomes the reason behind their sturdy bonding. 

The upbringing of the trio has been done by one of the members of Migos. All three had been interested in rap music since their early days. They used to listen to songs of many top rappers including Lil Wayne, and Outkast. 

In the Migos rap group, Quavo is known to be a senior member among the other two. He did his schooling at a reputed American high school. Whereas Takeoff is the youngest in the group and has been lucky to belong to the family which is inclined to music. 

Personal Life

Not sure about the other two members but Offset is known to be in link with a well-known female rap artist. So let us put our focus upon the Migos trio career. 


Before the formation of the Migos rap group, the trio being closely known to each other previously formed a group, which they named Polo Club, back in 2009. Later on, the group was renamed to the current popular name, Migos. Jug Season was the initial album that came ten years back, followed by No Label, the other album. 

Then came part II, No label 2 around seven years ago. It made good sales with maximum copies of this album. Migos continued many more hit music launches, some of them include Look At My Dab, Motorsport, Fight Night, and the latest one, in 2017 that gripped everyone, was Bad And Boujee

The rap group is known for the popular song, Versace, which got released on their mixtape Y.R.N. It hit the Billboard charts in the United States. With this speedy success, the efforts of the trio were acknowledged by a Canadian rapper, singer, musician, actor, and entrepreneur, Drake. After that, the trio did the song remix. The first song of their musical career got applauded as it rocked the charts and received the award too. 

There was another mixtape by Migos, which got applauded by a well-known monthly magazine from America. It was Rich Nigga Timeline, and it came in 2014. Six years ago, the Migos group launched a single album, One Time, with a music video. It became a success on the American musical hip-hop/R&B charts. Migo rap group has also appeared on one of the songs of popular singer Katy Perry. The song was Bon Appetit.

Dabbing Dance Style

In 2015, Look at My Dab became much popular with a unique style of dancing called Dabbing. It also featured two prominent public figures. Migos also launched two parts of their album Culture between 2017-18. 

Exposure In Acting Field

Other than getting fame with the formation of the musical band, Migos, the trio even showed their prowess in acting, with movies like Atlanta. Together they have reached the status of successful rappers in the list of established ones including Cardi B, and Drake. 

Releasing Albums Separately

The trio members of Migos rap group came up with many albums and hit songs. But three of them also opted to feature individually on multiple tracks and projects with collaboration. All three of them came up with their albums including Quavo Huncho, The Last Rocket, and Father of 4. All came two years back. 


As it says, when you determine to do something, you indeed get success at your footstep. Migos fits this phase well. The trio gripped their fans with many hit songs and albums and got awarded prestigious prizes. The rap group also got into many nominations from 2014 to 2017. 

Faced The Brunt Of Law

In 2015, an incident happened near a well-known American university, when Migos along with the ones surrounding them got arrested by law officials. They were charged for keeping Marijuana, and other illegal things all found on the premises of the educational center. The previous crime case of one of the Migos member Offset, ignited more fuel, resulting in his arrest. 

Net Worth Of Migos

According to 2021, $100 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of Migos rap group. They earned their fortune through their successful musical feats, getting awards and copies selling. But besides this, they also earn their wealth via endorsing brands. They also prefer promoting their products through social media networks.

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