Jordan Belfort’s Net Worth, How Much Is Jordan Belfort Worth

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Jordan Belfort's Net Worth

Have you watched the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street? If yes, then do you have any idea by whom this movie has been inspired? If not, then let me tell you that this film is based on the memoir of an experienced stockbroker and author of America. 

He is Jordan Belfort. This person is best known for his memoir on which the film with a similar title has been made. Jordan is a graduate in biology. He also did join a reputed university but did not continue further. 

Other than being a stockbroker, and author, Jordan also motivates people through his speeches. But there is one dark side to this person. He is an offender of serious crime. Why I am saying this is because Jordan had been accused of cheating and manipulation in the stock market and other unlawful activity. 

Let us know more about his life, career, total earning, etc. 

Personal Details 

Full Name: Jordan Ross Belfort
Ring Name: Jordan Belfort
Gender: Male
Birthday: 9th July 1962
Place Of Origin: The Bronx, New York, United States
Age: 58 years old
Height: 5 ft. 5 inches
Weight: 67 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Married
Spouse: Anne Belfort
Profession: Author, ex-stockbroker, & motivational speaker
Total Net Worth: $100 Million

How much Jordan Belfort's Net Worth

Early Life

Jordan was born in 1962 in, United States. His family belongs to Jewish ethnicity. Jordan once along with his best pal, made a good business with Italian ice selling from the cooling mechanism to the people spending their quality time on the beach. 

It all happened during their education phase, meaning school and college. Jordan is the holder of a degree in the science stream, Biology. He had been to a reputed university but did not continue long. He left when he was being told by one of the faculty members regarding no scope in becoming rich in dentistry.

Personal Life

Jordan lived an affluent lifestyle and took interest in organizing parties very often, and was also into drugs. His first relationship was with Denise. They became a couple in the 90s decade. But their relationship ended in divorce when he was running a brokerage house. 

After Denise, Jordan came close with a model Nadine during a party. He once again got married and became the father of her kids. But this relation also failed to continue. She accused Jordan of the case of domestic violence and got separated through a divorce, sixteen years back. 

At present, he is in a relationship with another woman, Anne, whom he dated. Six years ago now, they got engaged. But they have not married yet. Jordan loves playing tennis. 

Personality Facts

Jordan is now 58 years old as per his date of birth. He stands at a good average height of five feet five inches and weighs around 67 kg. He has green eyes with dark brown hair. 


During the initial stage of his career, Jordan did odd jobs like selling non-vegetarian foodstuffs to an island in NY. Soon his solo business turned into a flourishing company by giving employment to the unemployed. 

Every week, around 5k pounds of non-veg food items got sold. Later on, he got a job in a U.S-based investment banking firm, after filing for bankruptcy. There he worked as a trainee in stockbroking. Once the boss of this company suggested to him 3 unusual top secrets to taste success in life. 

These secrets were cocaine, sex for business, and hand job. Jordan made progress from this firm when suddenly, he experienced a down crash in the stock market. But this did not affect him so deeply, as he made plans on how to make money. 

Jordan was very curious in knowing the strategy of stockbrokers who were senior to him in making profits. During 1980, he got employed in more financial companies and extracted greater knowledge while getting experience in working. Jordan learned the art of raising sales, and it was then he decided to launch a company of his own. 

Started Own Brokerage Company

Then came the birth of his own stock brokerage house during the 90s decade. His company marketed for common shares of small public companies in risky or worthless investment strategy. Jordan then began his unlawful means that led to robbing the investors via misleading schemes. His business kept on doing good business. 

When NASD Got Hold Of Jordan’s Fraudulent Business

Jordan even gave employment to more and more people in stockbroking, and others under the management section. But little did he have the clue that his business was being watched by NASD. They kept a hawk-eye on the transactions of Jordan’s company. At last, during December, NASD got hold of his fraudulent business and ceased its membership. This resulted in Jordan’s company left with no business. 

Swiss Smuggling

Jordan was too clever in transferring the money to the Swiss banks’ account. And he was the one behind it. His wife’s mother and aunt became his partner in crime in the execution of smuggling finances. While operating his brokerage companies, Jordan often indulged in organizing parties including some contests. 

Charged For Fraud

Jordan made a lot of business in duping his investors. Finally, in 1999, he was charged for his fraudulent methods, and practice of transferring the money illegally.

Reformed To Motivational Speaker

After serving the jail term for his wrongdoings, Jordan became a reformed person. He began with a new venture, Global Motivation, Inc. He gave speeches that would motivate people. It included business ethics, and how to take lessons from the mistakes. 

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Jordan penned down a very famous memoir, The Wolf of Wall Street. The memoir got published in many countries, in different languages. Jordan also wrote another memoir, it was Catching the Wolf of Wall Street. It inspired the director Martin Scorsese to make a film on it with a similar title. It starred Titanic’s famed actor, Leonardo Di Caprio in the leading role. 

Net Worth Of Jordan Belfort

According to 2021, $100 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of Jordan Belfort. He also earns well through his motivational speeches in seminars. And of course, the publishing of his memoirs.

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