Jeffree Star’s Net Worth, How Much Is Jeffree Star Worth

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Jeffree Star's Net Worth

There are some celebrities who other than their talent also becomes the center of attraction for their unusual dressing sense and physical outlook. One such example is Jeffree Star. He is a singer and songwriter from the United States. 

Jeffree has an unusual style of fashion, by donning a pink-colored hairstyle and make-up on his face. Jeffree is a multi-talented personality who is also known for his skills in fashion designing and as an artist for make-up. 

He is also the founder of a cosmetic brand in his name. A long time back, there came an album released by Jeffrey. It was a Beauty Killer. The song in the album included a top female American rapper. Jeffrey had been on tours for his music promotion all around the world. 

He even had a contract signed with a record label company of Akon. He once termed Jeffrey with a popular female American singer, Lady Gaga. Jeffrey did not remain a part of the music world for a long time, due to some legal cases against the American rapper, Akon. 

Later on, he launched a company, called Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The name itself is enough to hint you that it deals in cosmetics. Jeffrey also became a successful YouTuber and made good million earnings alone. A very renowned American magazine had even listed his name among the highest YouTube earners. 

Jeffrey also made a good career in the field of fashion and as a YouTuber. Let us gather more facts about his life, career, total earning, etc. 

Personal Details 

Full Name: Jeffree Star
Stage Name: Jeffree Star
Gender: Male
Birthday: 15th November 1985
Place Of Origin: Orange County, California, United States
Age: 35 years old
Height: 6 ft. 6 inch
Weight: 73 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Gay
Status: In relationship
Partner: Not known
Profession: Singer, songwriter, Make-up artist, Beauty YouTuber, & entrepreneur
Total Net Worth: $250 Million

How much Jeffree Star's Net Worth

Early Life

Jeffery was born in 1985, The United States. He lost his father when he was too small. Since childhood, he never had the common qualities found in children usually. Jeffrey was very inclined towards beauty and fashion since his school days. 

He used to put on make-up from his mother’s beauty kit and wanted her to carry it in his school. It was indeed very weird. But later on, when he entered into a high level, it all started decreasing. But his inclination towards the field of fashion and make-up remained stable. 

His interest grew more and more in researching the field until he became determined to choose the latter field as his prolonged career. Jeffrey was not at all a topper or intelligent student in his school. Neither he had ample finances to take admission in desired colleges. Jeffrey then made up his mind to ride on a new way to accomplish his goal in life. 

After completing his high school study, Jeffrey headed towards L.A. To support his livelihood, he did minor jobs in the music field and beauty. His main objective was to take entry in the desired industry, no matter how. 

For this, Jeffrey started visiting Hollywood clubs, donning excess make-up, and wearing short dresses. He came in touch with a lot of celebrities, who offered to pay him a visit to their place regarding make-up. 

Physical Appearance

Jeffrey stands tall at six feet six inches, weighing 73 kg. He appears in a feminine outlook via make-up and apparel that match women’s clothing. 

Personal Life

Jeffrey has no qualms about being a homosexual or a gay. However, there is no confirmed fact about his previous relations, but currently, he is living in California with his male partner, who is co-owner of a business dealing in marijuana and is also a skateboarder. 


The modern perspective of Jeffrey made him explore his desired career in fashion and beauty. He expressed himself on the professional front in MySpace. Jeffrey also made the best use of this social networking platform to pen down blogs related to personal experiences.

This helped Jeffrey in garnering a robust fan following on other sites. He even advised his fans to stay in contact with him via MySpace, intending to garner more traffic from followers, contrary to other personalities. Jeffrey soon observed seeing the comments written on his photos. He holds the position of non-signed artists on the given site and kept gaining immense fame in his life. 

Jeffrey then came in contact with the band drummer, who motivated him to shine his career in the field of music. And so he became the vocalist of electronic-pop music. Jeffrey did multiple tours in the United States, another destination, Canada. Beauty Killer is the only known studio album known at present. He had a good experience working with other artists. 

His only album came in good ranking after hitting the Billboard music charts. One of his songs from the album, like Lollipop Luxury became much popular. It also featured well-known American female rapper, Nicki Minaj. 

Jeffrey had a bad experience in signing up for a contract with a record label company of famous rapper, Akon. He calls it a big blunder of his life. Jeffrey left it afterwards. 

Cosmetic Success

Jeffrey tasted success in the field of fashion, beauty, and cosmetics. He released cosmetic products including liquid lipsticks, followed by palettes that comprise multi-colored eye shadows, highlighters, scrubbing cream for lips, apparel, bags, and mirrors for doing make-up. He did much promotion of his eCommerce cosmetic brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand on YouTube gaining a maximum of million subscribers and viewerships.

Racial Remark Controversy

Jeffrey once faced the brunt of criticism for his racial remark on minorities, which stirred controversy. Although he did express regret for it, later. The racial remark came in when Jeffrey made some objectionable post on his social networking site. He expressed his desire to pour a special acid on a dark woman so that her complexion would turn out into a lighter tone.  

Net Worth Of Jeffree Star

According to 2021, $250 million is supposed to be the multi-talented personality Jeffree Star. His source of income has come all from his successful feats in his career as a make-up artist, YouTuber. He also excelled in churning income from fashion and music endeavors.

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