Dr. Phil’s Net Worth, How Much Is Dr. Phil’s Worth

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Dr. Phil is a famous name in the field of television. This multi-talented TV personality is popular for hosting television shows. In short, he is an acclaimed television host. But you might not be aware of his other profiles. Dr. Phil is also a psychology expert and is also into writing books.

However, he is prominently known for being the host of the show of his stage name, which came in a long back year. Other than this, Dr. Phil also gained much fame when he came to the famous talk show program, hosted by Oprah Winfrey, during the 90s.

You may be familiar with this senior-most experienced television personality, but might not be having much idea about his life, career, total earnings, etc. So to know all about Dr. Phil, keep reading the article till the end.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Philip Calvin McGraw
Stage Name: Dr. Phil
Gender: Male
Birthday: 1st September 1950
Place Of Origin: Vinita, Oklahoma, United States
Age: 70 years old
Height: 6 ft. 2 inch
Weight: 108 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Married
Spouse: Robin Jameson
Profession: Presenter, host, author, producer & psychologist
Total Net Worth: $480 Million

How much Dr. Phil's Net Worth

Early Life

Dr. Phil was born in 1950, in the United States. He was raised along with his two elder sisters and one younger sister. Phil’s father worked in supplying apparatus.

His family moved to a different destination so that his father could accomplish his goal of pursuing his career in the field of psychology. His son Phil did his schooling in Kansas.

Phil joined a reputed university in the United States on a sports scholarship. He was efficient in playing football with a linebacking strategy in the middle. He did play for his team but lost to the opponent team with a big score gap recorded in the history of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Phil later went to another United States-based university and pursued a higher degree in the subject of Psychology. After becoming a graduate, Phil headed for practicing his career for a long tenure.


During the 90s, Phil became the founder of an organization (CSI) that dealt with advising corporations over settlement matters. After the foundation, Phil no longer continued with his psychology stream. He had his license for a long time on a good note until he submitted it after the prolonged experience.

During the 90s, Phil’s company CSI was hired by the popular celebrity show host, Oprah Winfrey regarding advice on legal matters she was facing. The matter erupted from her beef comment on her show, which was closely related to cattle disease. She then invited Dr. Phil on her worldwide popular television talk show.

He appeared with his volley of experience as a strategist on life. That one visit turned into multiple visits on her said show. And this made Dr. Phil’s fame grow over time. Later on, he came up with his first hosted show in 2002, called ‘The Dr. Phil Show’. It can still be seen on television screens.


Dr. Phil also ran a business that involved products useful for fat reduction and losing excess weight on the belly. All the products are displayed on his show. And Dr. Phil was not the one who introduced them. He was joined by his sisters and nephew who explained about the working of these products.

Inspection By FTC

These products got the name of Shape It Up, Woo Woo for marketing. But his products came under the suspicion of the FTC. Facing the inspection, Dr. Phil opted to drop down his weight loss products from the market, and so the investigation by the FTC also came to end.

Product Failure

Not only this, Dr. Phil was criticized for the failure of his health products, which had no positive effect on the users. As a result, they took a stand against him. The matter later got settled with a particular amount in million.

‘The Doctors’

Later on, Dr. Phil came up with this new healthcare show. It was a new show after his earlier show, and Dr. Phil had no longer ties with Oprah Winfrey’s talk show program. He was joined with his son behind the production of this show.

Travis Lane was the host of this show. He is an emergency physician and a popular American television personality. Travis had earlier appeared in the show, The Bachelors as a participant. The name of the show is itself enough to give you hints about the concept.

Yes, it emphasized health matters. ‘The Doctors’ comprised medical experts, who discussed the subjects of healthcare. They even made viewers comfortable in raising any kind of query which is related to their health.

This was something they even hesitated discussing with their medical experts. The medical show aired in September, thirteen years back.

A Show Inspired From Dr. Phil’s CSI Experience

There are some shows and movies, which are either inspired by some people, due to their experiences. The same is the case here. There was a show, called ‘Bull’ which was greatly inspired by the experiences of Dr. Phil during his time working in the United States legal advising firm.

Book Author

Other than being a popular television personality, TV producer, and an experienced psychologist, Dr. Phil has also an interest in writing and is the author of books like Relationship Rescue, and many others that are related to life, and health.

About The Book ‘ Relationship Rescue’

If the title of the book Relationship Rescue authored by Dr. Phil has intrigued you to know about it, then, in short, it unfolds the issues related to troubled relationships, and the solutions to resolve them.

In this book, you will know how to get back your relationship with any of your loved ones back on good terms. It is a must purchase for all those who are going through turbulence in their relationships with a partner or any loved one. Be lucky to find it from your nearby bookstore.

Net Worth Of Dr. Phil

According to 2021, $480 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of Dr. Phil. And he has garnered his wealth through his multiple skills as a television host, producer, psychology, prod, and as an author of best-selling books.

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