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There have been many acting stalwarts in the yesteryear cinema of Hollywood. One such name to recall is Clint Eastwood. He had been one of those dashing and handsome actors of very olden times. His acting career reigned for more than five decades. But other than acting Clint was also expert in the art of making films and inclined to the world of music. 

The veteran Hollywood actor was also exposed to the political stream. People remember Clint for his appearance in the trilogy of the film, Dollars. He had been the recipient of several awards in his lifetime. Some of his top-notch films include Million Dollar Baby, In The Line of Fire, and Play Misty for Me

Other than showing his prowess in the acting field, Clint also donned the director hat and is credited for many films under his direction. Some of them include Mystic River and American Sniper. He also directed a sports drama film, Invictus. There are other films on the list which were directed by Clint. 

However, it was American Sniper, which did good business in breaking records at the box office. It proved to be one of his top film releases, with a tremendous big opening. The movie belonged to the genre of drama and war. Clint had been a mayor in California for two years. 

After a brief introduction, it seems intriguing to explore more about his life, career, total earnings, etc. So stay abreast with this article, and gather some essential facts about this iconic actor. 

Personal Details

Full Name: Clinton Eastwood Jr.
Stage Name: Clint Eastwood
Gender: Male
Birthday: 31st May 1930
Place Of Origin: San Francisco, California, United States
Age: 90 years old
Height: 6 ft. 4 inch
Weight: 67 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Divorced
Spouse: Dina Ruiz
Profession: American actor, filmmaker, musician, & politician
Total Net Worth: $400 Million

How much Clint Eastwood's Net Worth

Early Life

Clint was born in  1930 in the United States. At the time of his birth, he was given the name of Samson by the hospital nurse, due to his weight. Since childhood, Clint’s family had relocated multiple times, because of his father’s West Coast job. Later on, they became residents of an opulent place in California. 

They had the facility of a swimming pool and owned multiple cars. Clint had a successful career in his lifetime known by many. But do you know he was not at all good at studies and scored poor grades in school? 

Clint was even shown the door for penning down a note that seemed too vulgar to be read out on the scoreboard of his school. He faced strict disciplinary action and was chucked out. After that, he was sent to another school, where he did odd jobs including delivering papers. Clint even served in the armed forces during the Korean war. He worked as a lifeguard in the military.

Personal Life

Clint’s first relationship was with Maggie, with whom he married, and had kids. At the time of his relationship with her, Clint had an affair with some other woman and had a child with her. Clint was not confined to one relationship, as he had come close to multiple women in his life. 

Now call it the reason for him being too good looking and handsome, that women find it difficult to resist him. Clint even became the father at a very young age to a girl child from one of his affairs. His first wife Maggie had enough to face his infidelity when finally, she decided to end her relationship with him, following a divorce. 

Clint also came close with an actress and a woman from the aviation industry. He became the father of kids from both these women. Finding it hard to tolerate his infidel ways, the actress took a legal stand against him, before ending her relationship with Clint. He had one more affair with another actress and was a father to a daughter from her.

Experiencing previous breakups in relationships, Clint once again married Dina, a news anchor, and became the father of a daughter from her. But as usual, this relationship too ended in divorce. 

Physical Appearance

With age, everything wanes. Clint Eastwood had been a very handsome actor in Hollywood cinema. But now he has become 90 years old, standing tall at six feet four inches, weighing around 67 kg. 


Now, let us have a glance at his lifetime career in acting. Clint had been a successful actor starring in films like Revenge of the Creature. He did not abstain himself from essaying not so big roles in movies during the 1950s. Clint was even cast as a supporting actor in one of his movies. A Fistful of Dollars was the movie, where he played the mainstream character. 

He did more films like Bluff and For a Few Dollars More. In the later years of his acting career span, Clint acted in a movie called Paint Your Wagon. He was also behind the music director of this movie. Clint then made his debut as a director for the movie, Play Misty for Me

After that, he continued with his dual profile as an actor and director for other films including Breezy. He added one more wing to his career for the movie, Heartbreak Ridge, where he was a producer, besides, acting and directing. And so he went on producing and directing more films including Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River, Blood Work, and Bird.

Television Appearances

After having immense experience in acting, directing, and producing films on the big screen, Clint headed towards the small screen, in other words, television shows like Highway Patrol, Maverick, and Mister Ed. He also became an actor-director in the television show, The Blues. Another television show, in which he directed was Amazing Stories


Owing to his successful feats in the entertainment world of Hollywood cinema, Clint became the deserving personality to be awarded prestigious honorary awards and nominations. 

Net Worth Of Clint Eastwood

According to 2021, $400 million is supposed to be the net worth of iconic veteran actor Clint Eastwood. His earnings are the result of his successful career span, appearing in several movies, as a mainstream actor. But other than that, he also earned his fortune through his musical feats.

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