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Singers are equivalent in building a huge fan following other than actors. One such example is Billie Eilish. She was born in 2001, in the United States. Besides singing, Billie is also known for writing songs and is also a model.

Before making the fortune brighter in the field of singing, Billie debuted with Ocean Eyes, a single album through a platform of audio distribution. She even received special certification for her singles, one mentioned above, and the other was Lovely.

Four years ago, Billie started with Don’t Smile at Me, an extended play album. Initially, it failed to make a mark, due to lack of successful launching, or promotion, but later on, it turned out to be a major success in countries like the United States, Australia, Great Britain, and Canada also.

Billie got her mainstream success with Bad Guy, her single album that rocked the Billboard music charts in the United States. And thereafter, she did not look behind, and kept on adding more and more success with Where Do We Go, No Time To Die, My Future, and others.

Billie is the holder of many prestigious awards. So let us explore more about her life, career, total earnings, etc from this article.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell
Stage Name: Billie Eilish
Gender: Female
Birthday: 18th December 2001
Place Of Origin: Los Angeles, California, United States
Age: 19 years old
Height: 5 ft. 3 inch
Weight: 61 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Single
Boyfriend: Not known
Profession: Singer, songwriter, and model
Total Net Worth: $25 Million

How much Billie Eilish's Net Worth

Early Life

Billie was born in 2001, the United States in December. She has a good fortune to get exposure in the music world, because of her family background which is inclined towards the field of acting and music.

So definitely she did not find any difficulty in choosing music as her career path. Billie’s upbringing took her along with her brother, and both had their schooling at home, to head on for their chosen careers.

She is lucky to be born from her talented parents, who are also into the entertainment field. Being tutored at home, she became part of a choir of children, at a very small age in Los Angeles.

When Billie was merely eleven years old, she wrote her first song for the class of her mother. The idea of the song she wrote was from a horror-genre television series. She got exposed to the entertainment field at a very tender age when at once she went for an audition to show her acting prowess.

But Billie was not interested in it. Instead, she loved the recording of dialogue from background for the representation of crowd in art, and the films including the popular series of X-Men, and a live-action/comedy, Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Billie also performed at shows, showing her talent, at a minor age. Like her parents, her elder sibling is also into the entertainment world, as a singer. But other than that, he is also into the direction, acting, and production.

Personal Life

Billie presents herself in a standout manner. She does not imitate celebrities who are concerned about their dressing style, in becoming the center of attraction. Rather, she has her own persona, in choosing a unique dressing style.

The reason she opted for a distinctive style to her personality was to avoid unpleasant insults to her body. In that way, it becomes a puzzle for many to detect the size of her. Her identity is disclosed only to the ones who are close to her, with whom she feels secure.

Till now, there is no fact about whether she is dating or in a relationship with someone. In short, she is single. Billie has once revealed her sensory or cognitive health problem. Other than this, she is also suffering from serious mental problems like depression, and another which defines disorder of continuous movement and unwanted sounds that are hard to monitor. Billie abstains from non-veg stuff, as she believes in following a vegan diet.

Physical Appearance

The fair skin-toned singer stands at five feet three inches, weighing 61 kg. She grabs the attention for her colored hairstyle, other than her talent.


Billie made her debut as a singer with Ocean Eyes, a song that came six years ago in October. This song was recorded by her. She gave this song to her trainer who was teaching her dance. Billie wanted this song to become part of her dancing routine.

But little did she expect that her song would become a major hit after it got uploaded on an online audio-distributed/music sharing platform. And this was the dawn of her musical career when Billie started getting multiple offers from several record companies, expressing interest in buying the song rights. But only two of them got lucky behind this song release, all around the world. Oceans Eyes did become a major success.

When this song became the stepping stone in her musical career, she came up with another official release, EP. But before this, her two singles got released including My Boy. After the EP release in 2017, more new songs also get added by Billie on Friday, every time. In the following year, she released more new singles, including Bitches Broken Hearts.

Billie’s first studio album also reached wider success in countries including the U.S, Great Britain, and even Australia.

Billie is the youngest female artist born during the contemporary era, whose record-breaking song rocketed the top music charts. Her album got platinum status in many countries, including the U.S.

Add On Projects

After getting worldwide fame in her singing career, Billie got into other projects. Two years back, she partnered with an artist from Japan, for the launch of an apparel brand. This Japanese artist was behind the direction of some videos of her. Billie also became part of many ads including Adobe software, and two major top clothing brands.

Net Worth Of Billie Eilish

According to 2021, $25 million is supposed to be the net worth of award-winning singer Billie Eilish. And she has earned this all through her musical feats and other projects including advertisements.

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