Beyonce’s Net Worth, How Much Is Beyonce Worth

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Beyonce's Net Worth

With the mention of the word ‘Queen Bee’, you all can figure out which top-notch female singer I am pointing at. Yes, you heard it right, she is a Grammy-award singer, Beyonce, known for her hits including Crazy in Love, Single Ladies, and Halo. Who can forget Destiny’s Child, her popular band during the 90s decade?

When Beyonce was part of the popular music band, Destiny’s Child, she along with her fellow singers, delivered numerous hits, and accolades through awards. Some of the famous songs of this musical group are No, No, No, Say My Name, and Jumpin, Jumpin.

Those who think Beyonce is confined to her singing career must update their facts about her. Because other than singing, this talented celebrity is also well-versed in acting and dancing. Writing is her one more added passion.

Other than singing, Beyonce has also established herself as a talented actress, by showing her acting prowess in films including The Pink Panther, and Fighting Temptations. She is also credited for penning down hit songs like Independent Woman, and Check on It. She even got an award for her songwriting expertise, long ago in 2001.

In the current scenario, Beyonce has made a special place among the talented performers in the world of music. So let us gather more facts about her life, career, total earning, etc in this article.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter
Stage Name: Beyonce
Gender: Female
Birthday: 4th September 1981
Place Of Origin: Houston, Texas, United States
Age: 39 years old
Height: 5 ft. 5 inch
Weight: 65 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Married
Spouse: Jay Z
Profession: Singer, songwriter, and actress
Total Net Worth: $500 Million

How much Beyonce's Net Worth

Early Life

Beyonce was born in 1981, in the United States, in September. She joins her siblinghood with three sisters. Beyonce was destined to make her mark in the music and entertainment world. And it all started, when she was in her teenage days and took keen participation in the competitions that involved singing and dancing. And now, she has indeed become the Queen Bee of the entertainment and music world.

Beyonce did her schooling at a reputed high school in the United States. There she learned dancing while joining the classes. Her voice talent got noticed when she completed the humming song of her dance teacher. She did it with a high-pitched tone.

Her confidence in singing grew much when she became the winner of her school competition at a small age. Little Beyonce sang the song Imagine by the late singer, John Lennon. Later on, she got admission in another school in the United States that taught music. Beyonce became part of the choir in this school.

Physical Appearance

Beyonce is now thirty-nine years old as per her date of birth. The dusky beauty stands at an average height of five feet five inches and weighs around 65kg.

Personal Life

Beyonce is married to her American rapper husband Jay Z for thirteen years. They are proud parents of their twin kids, who were born four years ago. Their bonding began when both featured in an album that came long ago in 2002. She played his love interest in the music stirring speculation about their closeness with each other. And then in 2008, both Beyonce and Jay became lifelong partners.

She did not prefer any sort of publicity regarding her wedding with the American rapper. Both are credited for more than 200 million records. Beyonce never let her personal relationship with her rapper hubby become the talk of the town publicly. She seems content and happy with him during the current years. But it also came as a fact that both experienced problems in their relationship, following an affair of Jay Z.


The dawn of Beyonce’s musical career can be traced back to her early days as one of the members of the much-acclaimed band, Destiny’s Child in the 90s. Later on, she opted out of it, to make her career as a singer, independently. Beyonce had experienced working with many celebs.

Her fame can be measured based on her fan following on one of the popular social media platforms. Before she opted to become a solo singing artist, Beyonce had been the leading member of her 90s band. This popular 90s band gained much success and accolades through several awards for the hit songs.

Other major hits of this band include Bills, Bills, Bills. 8 Days of Xmas was supposed to be Beyonce’s last membership with the band. After that, she detached herself to fetch fame for herself. And then she put all her focus on single projects.

After getting huge fame from her musical career, Beyonce also tried her talent in the field of acting. She showed her acting prowess with best-rated films including The Pink Panther. Other top movies in which she acted include Austin Powers in Goldmember, and Obsessed, Dreamgirls.

She is also credited for writing the hit songs like Cater 2 U, and Check On It. Owing to her tremendous songwriting skills, she got a prestigious award for it. And now, she is listed among the successful celebrities who have garnered an immense fan following, with their successful feats in the world of music.


She got her fame through her dedication towards her career in the musical field. And owing to her hard work and sincerity towards her goal, Beyonce became the recipient of so many awards and nominations (Grammy). She stood as the second-most female singer artist to get multiple awards in music.

Experiencing Other Fields

Beyonce made great fame in singing and acting throughout her career. But this talented artist did not get confined only with it. She added one more profile to her skyrocketing career. This time it was in fashion. Beyonce became the designer related to the latter field. She came up with the launch of a fashion brand especially for women, dealing in shoes, jewelry, undergarments, and so on.

Net Worth Of Beyonce

According to 2021, $500 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of award-winning singer and actress, Beyonce. She has amassed all this wealth owing to her successful career in music as well as acting in films. But other than that, Beyonce’s other source of income comes from her business dealings.

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