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170 acres of our own private forestry, only 5 miles from QC's, for specialised shooting breaks

Shoot over to QC’s - Caherciveen Shooting Breaks

With our own family fishing trailers the seafood comes direct from our boats to your table. Our meat comes from local farmers and our game... well you shoot it and we will cook it. Rough shoot cock snipe, woodcock, pheasant, pigeon, and duck on some of Kerry’s most scenic bog and woodlands. We can offer you a drying room for wet clothes and boots and a secure Gun room with safe and gun cleaning facilities.

Rough shooting for Snipe and Woodcock

A more typical Irish shooting trip, lasting two or three days is to rough shoot Snipe or Woodcock, often with some duck flighting, pheasant or pigeon shooting included at no extra cost. Shoots are usually based on a group of up to eight guns, plus non shooting partners, who shoot for two consecutive days and usually stay in house for three nights.


Woodcock are to be found in or around the forestry sections and the higher grounds. Shooters can expect to bag a brace of woodcock on a given days shooting.


Snipe are shot whilst being walked up to, on heather bog. The snipe shooting day is usually more flexible, particularly in the early season when the days are longer.

Both Woodcock and Snipe require a high level of alertness and accuracy. Not all regular pheasant shots adapt to this form of shooting and, on occasions, the kill to cartridges ratio can be quite disheartening depending on skill levels.


Important Information

All visitors to Ireland must obtain an Irish Fire Arms Certificate which will specify the gun(s) they are to use.  The first step in this process is to apply for a European Firearms Pass (EFP) for your gun(s) which is issued by your local constabulary and normally takes up to 10 working days. Next you will be required to fill in a firearm application, the form can be downloaded from the Garda (Irish Police) website  Search “firearm certificate” and refer to the non-resident application. (AGS593 Non resident form version1)

Note: Each gun requires its own application form to be filled in, two guns, two forms, two fees. If you are lending a gun to a friend they must have their name on the form and a copy of their license must be sent. Guns have to be attributed to a named individual to be used in Ireland.

You need to complete the application form, making sure it is duly signed and witnessed, and return it to QC’s complete with the original of your EFP, (assuming you are an EU citizen), a copy of the gun license issued to you by your country of residence, and the appropriate fee of €40.00 per gun.

The license is valid for 6 months so given the season is from 1st November to 1st February. Registered post is recommended. Processing then takes up to six weeks so it is essential that this is done in good time.

We will then collect the authorised forms from the local Garda station and return them by registered post to your address. You will then be allowed to clear Customs on entry to Ireland. Do not forget to bring a copy of your insurance policy. Cartridges can be supplied by ourselves, please specify if you have a preference for a particular brand and weight.

Remember some airlines, particularly Ryan Air, no longer permit firearms on their planes so UK visitors may find it simpler to travel by car. This also allows you to bring your shooting dog, if you wish to do so.

After your guns are cleaned and locked away securely it is time for you to hang up your boots and let QC’s take over. Award winning locally sourced food, fine wines, luxury accommodation, amazing beds, powerful rain showers, international news channels, free wifi and much much more.

“It's no surprise international shooters return, given the quality of the shoot and QC’s outstanding accommodation and food.”

David Higgins-European Tour Professional

Ring of Kerry, Caherciveen, County


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